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Frequently Asked Questions

How did FiberLok ever come up with the idea to do a MouseRug in the first place?
We are an industrial manufacturer of dimensional graphics products and our flagship technology is called Lextra brand flocked graphics.  This exclusive process involves printing with tiny nylon fibers driven by  high voltage electricity into intricate patterns.  Our founding owner and CEO in a previous life was in the area rug business, so producing miniature rugs one day was inevitable.  On a trip to see a major customer in Beaverton Oregon one year the sales team took along miniature oriental rugs to present as gifts and samples of the Lextra printing technology, and the customers clamored for the samples.  On a return trip a couple months later, the sales team did not bring the little rugs along and FiberLok's customers said--kiddingly--that in that case there would be no meeting!  Long-story-short, it quickly became apparent that people would really like to have these items which became brand named MouseRugs, that was 15 years and several million MouseRugs ago!

How long can a MouseRug be expected to last?
We do not know, because after 15 years we have not actually seen one wear out yet!

Where were MouseRugs actually invented and where are they manufactured?
In Fort Collins, Colorado, USA at FiberLok's (only) plant.

Are custom MouseRug designs produced?  What is the minimum order size?
Yes, we make custom MouseRugs for both retailers (Mesa Verde national park gift shop)   and for promotional purposes (Lufthansa Airlines).   Minimum order requirement is 500 pieces, special artwork development costs may apply.  Lead time is about 10 working days depending on the amount of production artwork required.

Aren't MouseRugs rather expensive to be used for promotional (give-away) mouse pads?
In the promotional products business, cost is determined according to the number of times a brand name is seen in the lifetime of a promotional product, or CPI (Cost Per Impression).  Many common mouse pads given away as gifts end up not being used;  while MouseRugs are so highly valued that people both covet them as well as use them for a long, long time.  So in terms of Cost Per Impression, MouseRugs are the least expensive computer mousepad on the market today!

Why do people value MouseRugs so highly?
A customer said it best by describing MouseRugs as "functional art" which serves two purposes:  it can be both a decorative expression of one's taste in art as well as a most-comfortable functional computer mousing surface.   There are few options available for well-designed mouse pads to use as the focal point of a well designed work or living space--even if it may feature the Mona Lisa, common mouse pads are made from the usual plastic or textile surfaced rubber.  Only genuine MouseRug designs are printed without ink--images are created instead using the world's finest European flock fibers and a natural rubber base made from rubber trees in Indonesia.  The MouseRug fringe is produced in the Carolinas by a manufacturer of authentic rug fringe.  And everything is held together permanently with the best available German and American eco-friendly adhesives.  MouseRugs are truly an unique product, featuring construction and materials unlike any other mouse pad;  and the only Graphics People Love to Touch [TM] !  

Lextra-imprinted MouseRug fans have a real passion for the product and they are highly valued now by customers around the world.

Do all computer mice work equally well with Lextra MouseRugs?
Thanks to about seven million individual physical contact points in each MouseRug surface--the ends of the Lextra fibers--most types of computer mice could work even better  than most mouse pads with less-finely-detailed surfaces.  However, we have noticed that the the scanning ability of a few types of computer mice may have a limited ability to  accurately "read" mostly super-smooth surfaces like glass and MouseRugs. Mouses that use what is called Darkfield Technology and the Apple Magic Mouse struggle to adapt to MouseRugs surface and should be tested first. They often result in a "jumpy" performance of the mouse cursor and don't do well with any form of textile mouse pads. We have already reached out to them to see what can be done!


Since MouseRugs are manufactured with the performance engineered Lextra flock printing technology they are highly abrasion resistant. The best cleaning techniques are those that get down between the fibers to completely dislodge and wash away any accumulated debris.

We have discovered that a common high pressure wand (available at neighborhood car washes to wash cars and especially floor mats) is the most effective cleaning method. Simply:

  • mount the MouseRug with floor mat clips or place flat securely on the (concrete) ground
  • run the SOAP or WASH cycle with the high pressure wand to drive soap thoroughly into the MouseRug fibers, working it back and forth to agitate and loosen the dirt
  • run through the RINSE cycle, again working the wand back and forth to drive away all dirt particles
  • shake water out of MouseRug as much as possible and lay on flat surface with fibers up to air dry - may lay on a towel, paper or cloth, to absorb some of the water

The MouseRug's yarn-dyed nylon fibers will look like new after this process.