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Many of the Computer MouseRug designs exclusively available from authorized dealers and in this web site are available as BookRug bookmarks and as CoasterRugs for drinks to protect your furniture from glasses and moisture - in style!

All products are manufactured with vibrant Lextra Flock Graphics and made without ink. Microscopic flock fibers are arranged into intricate patterns and driven by high-voltage electricity in the exclusive Lextra Flock Graphics process. The resulting texture is soft, velvety, richly colored and permanent.

MouseRugs combine stunning art image designs from all over the world with the luxurious feel of Lextra flock fibers. Far more than a mouse pad, functional MouseRug art also makes an executive gift that will be used and appreciated for many years.

You'll find Lextra-imprinted gift products available in art and history museums all over the world. Our designs are drawn from the native arts of China, Tibet, Persia, and the Americas. Your mouse may also rest on the MouseRug inspired by the rug design that was draped over Freud's famous couch in London.