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"Lextra®", " CoasterRug™", "BookRug™", and "MouseRug®" are trademarks of High Voltage Graphics, Inc., and are registered in most countries worldwide.

In the Americas Lextra products are manufactured under license from High Voltage Graphics, Inc., under one or more of the following U. S. patents: 4,810,549; 5,047,103; 5,207,851; 5,346,746; 5,597,637; 5,858,156; 6,010,764; 6,083,332; 6,110,560; 6,929,771; 6,997,023; 7,338,697; 7,344,769; 7,351,368; 7,364,782; 7,381,284; 7,390,552; 7,393,576; 7,402,222; 7,410,682; 7,413,581; with other U. S. patents pending and foreign patents issued and pending.

All product examples are the property of the respective trademark owners and are not being offered for sale nor by use in this site are we indicating that they endorse our products.