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Lori Pambak Mouse Rug

Lori Pambak Mouse Rug

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This antique Caucasian rug has an extraordinary variation in color that makes Kazak rugs so irresistible. There are unmistakable, stunning design influences from the famous mountain weaving villages of Lori-Pambak and Karachov. The large octagon shapes that contain colorful, inner, quatrefoil medallions are superb examples of design motifs from this renowned Kazak region. Some authorities say the “arrow-block” designs in the main border may be derived from the ancient, universal representation of the four, sacred directions. The talismanic symbols within the field are related to issues of fertility, longevity, tribal power, protection, and avoiding the evil eye. This is a Kazak rug with great presence and dramatic force.

Made in the USA 

Mouse Rug® dimensions - approximate finished size: 7.125" x 10.25" (including fringe) and .16" thick.