Pendleton Fire Legend Book Rug
Pendleton Fire Legend Book Rug in packaging
Fire Legend Boog Rug in book

Pendleton Fire Legend Book Rug

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Fire Bringers are heroes, from Prometheus in classical Greece, to Manabozho, the Chippewa trickster. Manabozho journeyed to the home of an old man who hoarded fire, and changed himself into a small, shivering rabbit. The man’s daughters set him by the hearth, where he caught a spark on his fur and raced back to his people before it went out. This pattern shows combs and shawls warming by a hearth to celebrate the gift of fire.

Design © Pendleton Woolen Mills, Inc.
Made in the USA.
BookRug dimensions - approximate finished size: 7.2" x 1.37" (including fringe)

Made in United States of America