Rosette Palmette Mouse Rug
Rosette Palmette Mouse Rug
Rosette Palmette Mouse Rug

Rosette Palmette Mouse Rug

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This replica of a Harshang carpet derived from a 17th-century model proved popular both in Eastern Persian and in the Caucasus. It continues well into the 18th century and can still be found in Caucasian rugs of the 19th century. The design is based on an alternating succession of two large lateral palmettes surrounded by small palmette blossoms, and a complex palmette arrangement composed of a central round floral medallion, four large palmette forms of two different designs facing this rosette, and four diamond-shaped cartouches, filled with rosettes, on the diagonal axis. A small-scale trellis system, as a secondary pattern, fills most of the background of the field.  This rug contains a richly detailed symphony of earth tone colors. 

Design © The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Made in the USA
Mouse Rug® dimensions - approximate finished size: 7.125" x 10.25" (including fringe) and .16" thick.