Distributor & Retailer Support

U.S., Canada, & U.K. Wholesalers

This page contains links to helpful resources including logos, documents, and wholesale ordering options to assist in your Rug products sales.

Ready to offer MouseRug® products to your customers?

Rug® products can be ordered easily and quickly via Faire.com, our wholesale platform.  When we set you up for Faire Direct as a MouseRug customer, you will be eligible for free returns on your first order, 60-day payment terms for eligible retailers, $100 credit & 1 year of free shipping for retailers new to Faire.  The best way to be set up to purchase is to send us a message at sales@fiberlok.com.  We will send you an embedded link to access Faire with the best terms possible. 


The documents provided below are to help you in your promotion and selling:



Below are downloadable logo options for you to use on your website and social media accounts in relation to selling these products. Logos are provided in JPG and PNG file formats for use in print or digital mediums. All images are approximately 800px wide for quality reproduction, but vary in resolution (Please follow the recommended format notes below).

NOTE: The color options provided are based on the most common applications we've seen. Please do not deviate or alter the colors associated with each brand mark.

Rugs Family Logo

Rug Family Logo Options:

Brand Color:

PMS 648C
C100 M71 Y9 K56
R29 G41 B93
HEX #1D295D

MouseRug Logo

MouseRug® Logo Options:

Brand Color:

PMS 130C
C0 M32 Y100 K0
R245 G168 B28

MouseRug Logo

CoasterRug® Logo Options:

Brand Color:

PMS 2995C
C83 M1 Y0 K0
R0 G171 B218

MouseRug Logo

BookRug® Logo Options:

Brand Color:

PMS 375C
C46 M0 Y90 K0
R144 G199 B55
HEX #90C737