Pendleton Assortment #1 Coaster Rug Set
Prairie Rush Hour Coaster Rug
Journey West Coaster Rug
Canyonlands Coaster Rug
Wyeth Trail Coaster Rug
Pendleton Assortment #1 Coaster Rug Set

Pendleton Assortment #1 Coaster Rug Set

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The beauty of the loom comes to products for home and office. Authentic Pendleton blanket patterns inspired by textiles and legends from around the world are translated into colorful designs with stories to tell. Enjoy these timeless Pendleton patterns in an assortment that includes the Wyeth Trail, Canyonlands, Journey West, and Prairie Rush Hour coasters.

Design © Pendleton Woolen Mills, Inc. 
Made in the USA 
Coaster Rug® dimensions - approximate finished size: 3.5" x 5.5" (including fringe) and .16" thick. Set of 4.