Zebraherd Zoom Mouse Rug
Zebraherd Zoom MouseRug
Zebraherd Zoom MouseRug

Zebraherd Zoom MouseRug

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When the Mouse Rug Team first saw this image, original art created for this Special Edition, the comment most often heard was "this graphic is so deep...the three-dimensional depth of this original design creates an abstract pattern, colorations and value far beyond the zebra theme itself!". Nature provided the Zebra with "dual-purpose" striped markings... When Zebras run together to avoid predators, especially in dawn or dusk light, their stripes create confusing optical effects which help provide a defense. On the other hand, like fingerprints, no two animals' stripe patterns are alike, helping family members identify each other and thus create a familiar optical effect!

Made in the USA
MouseRug dimensions - approximate finished size: 7.125" x 10.25" (including fringe) and .16" thick.

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